Sir William Edmonstone of Culloden, 1st of Duntreath. d. 1460

m. 1425 the Lady Mary, 2nd dau. of King Robert III by Annabella, dau. of Sir John

     Drummond of Stobhall.

     She had been married previously to, 

       1stly, The Earl of Angus. 

       2ndly Sir James Kennedy, ancestor of the Marquess of Ailsa, by whom she had a son 

            James, who becaume Bishop of St Andrews and one of the most powerful men in 

            Scotland in the reign of James II. 

       3rdly Sir William Graham of Kincardine (ancestor of Dukes of Montrose).

By her he had 1 son William (see below) and 1 dau., Mary, who married Humphrey Cunningham of Glengarnock.

Sir William first acquired the lands of Duntreath in 1434, or slightly earlier, when they were granted to his wife and himseld by James I.

He died in 1460 & was succeeded by his son.


Sir William, 2nd of Duntreath, 1460-1486.*

m. Matilda, dau. of Lord James Stewart (surviving son of Murdoch, Duke of Albany.)

By her he had 6 sons & 1 daughter:

    1  Sir Archibald who succeeded him.

    2  James. 

        m. 1stly Elizabeth, dau & heiress of Alexander Cunningham of Polmaise,

        m. 2ndly Helen, dau of John Murray of Touchadam.

    3  James, Became Prior of Collegiate church of Kirkheugh at St. Andrews.

    4  John. m. dau. of Sir John Stewart of Ardgowan & Blackhall.

    5  George.

    6  William, deputy-master of household to James IV.


    1 daughter, m. Lawrence, 1st Lord Oliphant..

Sir William died in 1486 & was succeeded by his eldest son,


Sir Archibald, 3rd of Duntreath, 1486-1502.*

m. Janet, dau. of Sir James Shaw of Sauchie, by whom he had 2 sons & 7 daughters.

    1  Sir William, who succeeded him.

    2  James, Comptroller of Scotland under James IV.

        m. Agnes, dau. of James Ridheugh of Tillychadell & was founder of cadet

        branch of Ballinton & others in the Stewartry of Monteith, now extinct. The

        original branch of the Broich family are probably descended from him.(see p.29).

Sir Archibald also had a natural son James, styled of Ballowan. (see p.29).

Sir Archibald's daughters were:-

    1  Janet, m. William, 1st Earl of Montrose.

    2  Christian, m. John Lord Ross of Halkhead.

    3  Elizabeth, m. John, Master of Montgomery, eldest son of  Hugh, 1st Earl of Eglinton.

    4  Margaret, m. George Buchanann of that Ilk.

    5  Barbara, m. Sir James Muschet of Burnbank.

    6  Catherine.

    7  Helen. 

Sir Archibald d.1502 & was succeeded by his eldest son,


Sir William, 4th of Duntreath. 1502-1513.

m. 1stly Sibylla, dau. of Sir William Baillie of Lamington. 

m. 2ndly, Elizabeth Leslie, dau. of George 1st Earl of Rothes. (and married previously to 

     Willam, 3rd Earl of Errol)

m. 3rdly Katherine Forest, 

m. 4thly Sibylla, dau. of Sir John Carmichael of that Ilk.

Sir William left 5 sons and 4 daughters.

    1  William, his heir.

    2  Archibald. Granted lands of Rednock 1553. Also Spittal Town in Perthshire. 

        m. Agnes dau. of Nicol Connall of Bonhard, by whom he had a son William.

    3  Robert. Proprietor of lands of Cambusbeg in Monteith.

    4  James. Granted lands of Westerowis 1540, also Buckquhassell & Drumcross. 

Like his father, Sir William also had a natural son James from whom sprang the 

    cadet branch of  Newton of Doune.

His daughters were:-

    1  Marion, m. Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy.

    2  Mary, m. Robert Hamilton of Inchmachar.

    3  Margaret, m. Stewart of Craigamell

    4  Elizabeth, m. John Lagan of Balvie, Dumbartonshire.

Sir William, killed at the Flodden in 1513, was succeded by his eldest son,


Sir William, 5th of Duntreath. 1513-1580.

m. 1stly Lady Agnes Stewart, youngest dau. of Matthew, 2nd Earl of Lennox (also killed at

     Flodden), by whom he had 1 son Archibald who predeceased him.

m. 2ndly Margaret, dau. of Sir James Campbell of Lawers (ancestor of Earls of Loudon) 

     by whom he had:

    1  Sir James his heir.

His daughters were :

    1  Marjorie 

        m. 1stly Sir John Maxwell of Pollock. 

        m. 2ndly Mungo Graham of Orchill, 3rd son of James, 2nd Earl of Montrose.

    2  Sibylla, m. John Stewart of Barscube, Renfrewshire.

    3  Annabella, m. John Stirling of Glorat, Stirlingshire.

    4  Marion, m. David Semphil of Noblestown, Dumbarton.

    5  Elizabeth, m. John Stirling of Ballagan (brother of Glorat)

    6  Janet, m. Luke Sterling of Baird (brother of Laird of Keir)

Sir William died c.1580 & was succeded by his son


Sir James, 6th of Duntreath, 1580-1618.

Mortgaged Duntreath and decided to move the family to Ireland.

m. 1stly Helen, dau. of James Stirling of Keir, by whom he had:

    1  William, his heir.

Their daughters were :

    1  Mary, 

        m. 1stly John Cunningham of Cunninghamhead., Ayrshire.

        m. 2ndly, The Hon. Sir William Graham of Braco, 2nd son of 

             John, 3rd Earl of Montrose.

    2  Marjory m. Claude Hamilton of Cocknay, Dumbarton.

    3  Helen m. John Lennox of Bransogle.

m. 2ndly, in 1585, Margaret, dau. of Sir John Colquhoun of Luss, by whom he had :

    1  son, Robert. According to Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 3rd. Bt. died unmarried.

        But it is possible that it was who was the founder of the cadet branch of the 

        family in America.

Their daughters were:

    1  Elizabeth m. James Edmonstone of Broich.

    2  Margaret.

    3  Agnes.

    4  Jean.   

Sir James died c.1618 & was succeeded by his eldest son,


William, 7th of Duntreath (and of Redhall, Antrim) c. 1618-c.1629.

Settled in Ireland and built the house of Redhall (or Red Hall).

m. Isobel dau. of Sir John Haldane of Gleneagles, by whom he had 5 sons & 2 daughters.

    1  Archibald, his heir.

    2  James, m. his first cousin, Jean, dau. of John Cunningham of Cunninghamhead, 

        & had children

    3  John, m. likewise his first cousin, Elizabeth, dau. & heiress of James Edmonstone 

        of Broich, by whom he got the lands of Ballybantry in Ireland, & had children. He was

        probably the ancestor of the American Edmonstones. (See Apendix 3).

    4  Robert d. unmarried.

    5  Andrew d. unmarried.

The daughters were:

    1  Helen 

        m. 1stly John Dolway of Belliehill, Antrim, & had children.

        m  2ndly, Colonel James Wallace of Auchans & Dundonald.

    2  Jean m. Sir Robert Adair of Kilhill, Wigton & had children.

William Edmonstone died c.1629 & was succeeded by his eldest son


Archibald, 8th of Duntreath (and of Redhall) c.1629-c.1637.

Redeemed Duntreath and part of the estate.

m. Jean, dau. of Archibald Hamilton of Halcraig in Lanarkshire by whom he had 2 

     sons & 2 daughters.

    1  William, "the Dumb laird").

    2  Archibald.

The daughters were :-

    1  Helen m. Thomas Niven of Monkridden, Ayrshire.

    2  Jean d. unmarried.

Archibald died in 1637 & was succeeded by his 2nd son, 


Archibald, 9th of Duntreath (and of Redhall) 1637-1689.

m. Anna Helena, dau.of Colonel Walter Scott of Harwood and widow of Sir William Adair

    of Kinhilt, by whom he had 4 sons & 5 daughters:

    1  Archibald (died young).

    2  Walter ( died young).

    3  William ( died young).

    4  Archibald who succeeded him

His daughters were :

    1  Elizabeth m. James Montgomerry of Rosemount and had children.

    2  Jean ( died young).

    3  Margaret (died young).

    4  Isobel ( died young).

    5  Anna Helena, m. Alexander Dalway of Belliehill in Antrim and had 2 sons.

Archibald died in 1689 and was succeeded by his sole surviving son,


Archibald 10th of Duntreath (and of Redhall) 1689-1768

Sat in the Irish parliament for Carrickfergus throughout the reign of George I.

m. 1stly, the Hon. Anne Erskine, dau. of Henry, 3rd Lord Cardross, by whom he

     had 1 daughter:

    1  Catherine, m. Arthur Kennedy of Cultra, County Down.

m. 2ndly, in 1716, Anne, 2nd dau. of the Hon. John Campbell of Mamore 

    (2nd son of Archibald, 9th Earl of Argyll) by whom he had 3 sons & 2 daughters:

    1  Archibald, 1st Bt., b.1717. (See below).

    2  Campbell. (sometime Governor of Dumbarton Castle),

        m. Marianne dau. of William Anderson of Glasgow  by whom he 

             had 4 sons & 8 daughters. 

             The sons all died unmarried, and of the daughters, only the 

             7th Elizabeth Hamilton, 

             m (in 1783). Her husband was Andrew Miller of Dalnair, Stirlingshire, 

                 by whom she had 3 sons & 2 daughters. 

                 One of their sons and one of their daughters married but apparently 

                      neither had children.

    3  Charles, a major in the army, m. but died childless.

The two daughters were :

    1  Anna Helena Scott, m. Philip Fletcher by whom she had 1 son Philip, who 

        died unmarried.

    2  Mary, m. the Rev. Hodgkinson, by whom she had 

        1 son Francis who became Professor of Civil Law at Dublin University. 

           m. Maria dau. of Doctor Thomas Johnson M.D. by whom he had 2 sons:

           (1) Edmonstone

           (2) Frances who married & had 5 daughters, 4 of whom married.

Archibald, 10th of Duntreath, died in 1768 & was succeeded by his eldest son.


Archibald, 11th of Duntreath, 1768-1807. (b.1717) 

(Created a Baronet of the United Kingdom, 3rd May 1774 )

For many years M.O. for Dumbarton (also for Ayr and Irvine).

m.1stly, in 1753, Susanna Mary, dau.of French gentleman, Roger Harene, and by

    her (who died in 1776) had 5 sons & 3 daughters:

    1  Archibald b.1754. He had a military education on the Continent and then because a Lieut. 

        in the 1st Regiment of Foodguards. Was A.D.C. to General Riedsel (Commander of 

        German division of army under General burgoyne) in the campaign in the American War

        of Inderpendence which ended with the surrender at Saratoge in 1777. Returning, he 

        died of consuption in 1780, aged only 25.

    2  William Archibald, Civil Servant in India, died in Calcutta, 1803.

    3  Charles, 2nd Bt., b. 1764. (See below)

    4  George b.1764. Vicar of Pollerne.

    5  Neil Benjamin, b. 1765. Went as a young man to India & rose to second most important

        post in Civil Service. m.1803 Charlotte Anne, dau. of Philip Friell, by whom he had 

        5 sons & 6 daughters.

           (1)  William Archibald, b.1804, died in India, 1827.

           (2)  Neil Benjamin, b.1809, m. Madeline Elinor, only dau. of  W.H. Trant 

                  of Drumonethy, Co. Limerick, by whom he had 2 sons, 

                  -1 Neil Benjamin (b.1883)

                  -2 William Henry.

        (3) Charles Welland, b.1811. Took Holy Orders. 

              m. Susan Mary D'Oyley dau.of Rev. Philip Douglas, by whom he had 

                   (1) Susan Carnegie (b.1844).

                   ( )  Other daughters.

        (4) George Frederick, b.1813, 

              m. Anne Farly, dau. of Mr. Turner of Bengal Civil Service, 

                   and had children:

        (5) James Harene, b.1820, d.1834.

    The daughters of Neil Benjamin (b.1765) were:

        (1) Charlotte Anne, 

              m.1st, James Carnegie Bengal Civil Service, who died in 1831, 

              m. 2nd, the Rev. J. Hodgson, Vicar of St Peter's Isle of Thanet.

        (2) Henrietta Dashwood.

        (3) Suanna, m. the Rev.Thomas Lumsden of Cushnie, Aberdeenshire.

        (4) Louisa MacLeod, m. the Rev Thomas Clement Browne & had children.

        (5) Anne Craigie.

        (6) Alicia Augusta.

The 3 daughters of Sir Archibald were:-

    1  Susanne Margaret, m. James Trevithick of Addington Park, Surrey by whom

        she had 2 sons & 4 daughters. The son where:

        (1) Barton, b.1779, m. Eliza, dau. of the Rev. John Strachey, by whom he had a 


             -1 Eliza, m. her cousin Leonard Strachey, and they had children.

        (2) James, b.1797, d.1849.

        Their 4 daughters, all died unmarried.

    2  Anne Mary, m. Major-General Henry Read of Crowood, Wilts, by whom she had 

        two daughters:

        (1) Mary Anne, m. J. Richmond Seymour of Inholmes, Wilts. They had 3 sons 

              & 3 daughters. The sons where:

               -1 Henry Richmond.

              -2 Charles Frederick.

              -3 George.

              The daughters were:

              -1 Alithea Emma.

              -2 Jane mary Susanna.

              -3 Charlotte Isabella.

        (2) Louisa.

        (3) Sarah, who died young.

m. 2ndly, Hester, dau. of Sir John Heathcote Bt. of Normanton Park, Rutland.

They had no children. She died in 1797 & he died, aged 89, in 1807

He was succeeded by his 3rd son.


Sir Charles Edmonstone, 12th of Duntreath, 2nd Bt., 1807-1821. (b.1764 in Greenwhich).

M.P. for Dumbarton.

m.1stly, Emma, dau. of Richard Wilbraham Bootle of Rode Hall, Cheshire, 

     and by her (who died in 1797), had a son & a daughter.

    1  Archibald, 3rd Bt., b.1795. (See below).

    2  Mary Emma, b.1797.

m. 2ndly, 1804, Louisa, dau. of Beaumont, 2nd Lord Hotham, by whom he 

     had  4 sons & 2 daughters. The sons were:

    1  William, 4th Bt., b.1810. (See below).

    2  Charles Henry, b.1811, a major in the army, died of consumption, 1847.

    3  George, b.1816. In Bengal Civil Service, m. Amelia Helen, dau. of 

        Mr. Hogg and widow of Henry Millet.

    4  Frederick Neil, b.1818. Captain in Bengal Light Cavalry (Brevet Lt. Colonel).**

The daughters were:

    1  Louise Henrietta, b.1807, d.1840, m. John Kingston of  Clairmont, 

        Demerara, by whom she had 1 son & 3 surviving daughters.

        (1) John Hotham b.1834.

        (1) Louisa Mary b.1830.

        (2) Alice Frances b.1831.

        (3) Charlotte Anne b.1833.

        (4) Amelia Frances b.1814.

    2 Amelia Frances, b.1814.

Sir Charles Edmonstone died in 1821 & was succeeded by his eldest son. Louisa, his wife,

remarried in 1832 Charles Woodstock of Park Crescent, London.


Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 13th of Duntreath, 3rd Bt., 1821-1871. (b.1795)

The family historian and genealogist.

m. 1830 his first cousin, Emma, 3rd dau. of Randle Wilbraham of 

    Rode Hall, Cheshire, (d. 1891), by whom he had three daughters all of whom 

    died in infancy:

    1  Mary Emma,  b. 17 July 1833, d.18 August.

    2  Another daughter of same names, b.17 Sept. 1834 and died ten days later.

    3  Emma, b.13 May 1841, d.11 June.

Sir Archibald, 3rd Bt., died in 1871, his wife died in 1891. He was succeeded by his half-brother.


Sir William Edmonstone, C.B., D.L., 14th of Duntreath, 4th Bt., 1871-1888. (b. 1810) 

Retired from R.N. with rank of Rear Admiral, 1869. M.P. for Stirlinshire, 1874.

m.1841 Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Lt. Col. John Whittle Parsons, C.M.G., & by her had 2 sons

    & 9 daughters. The sons were:

    1 Archibald William, d. & d.1865 (buried in Antony, Cornwall)

    2 Archibald, 5th Bt., b. 1867. (See below)

The daughters were :

    1  Mary Emma Frances, b.1842, d.1947.

    2  Louisa Anne, b. 1844, m. 1872 Major-General Henry Pipon, C.B., R.H.A. 

        Grovenor of the Tower of London. They had 5 daughters. She died 1921. 

        (see tree at Appendix 4)

    3  Charlotte Henrietta, b. 1847 in Bath, m. 1866 the Rev. John Francis Kitson, 

        Vicar of Antony, Cornwall. They had 12 children. She died in 1931. 

        (See tree at Appendix 4)

    4  Jessie, b.1848, m. 1884 Major Edward John Winnington-Ingram (who died 

        1892). She died 1937. They had no children.

    5  Frances Euphemia, b. 1850, m.1873 Alexander Robert Duncan of Parhill, 

        Angus (sometime factor of Duntreath, when they lived at Blairquhosh). 

        She died 1921, leaving 5 children.

        (see tree at Appendix 4)

   6  Sophia, b. 1852, m. 1880 James Edward Hope of Belmont,  Midlothian. 

        She died 1924,. They had 3 sons & 1 daughter:

       (1) James Horatio (Racie), b.1881, killed in action in Mesopotamia 1916.

       (2) Reginald John (Tim), b.1884, m. 1923 Eileen, dau. of Roland Philipson

            of Tynemouth. d.1952
       (3) Willian Douglas (Duddie), b.1886. Lieut. Scots Guards. Blinded in 

            World War 1. d.c.1969.

       Their daughter, Vera Mary, was born 1882, d.c.1964.

   7  Susannah Emily (Pearly), b. 1855, m.1885 Jonathan Bucknill. She died 1886, 

       leaving one daughter:

       (1) Susannah Frances, who was broght up with the Kitsons and became a nun.

   8  Mary Clementina, b. 1857 in Bath, m.1874 Andrew Graham Murray, 1st and 

       last Viscount Dunedin. P.C., G.C.V.O. Had 4 children. She died 1922.

       (See tree at Appendix 4)

   9  Alice Frederica, b. 1868, m.1891 Lt-Col. Hon. George Keppel, M.V.O., second 

       son of 7th Earl of Albermarle. She died 1947, leaving 2 daughters. 

       (See tree at Appendix 4)

Sir William Edmonstone died 1888 & was succeeded by his only surviving son.

His wife, Mary, died in 1902.


Sir Archibald Edmonstone, C.V.O., D.L., 15th of Duntreath, 5th Bt., 1888-1954. (b. 1967).

Groom in Waiting to Edward VII, 1907-1910. Cmdr. Order of Vasa (with star). 

Leut. Argyll & Sutherland Hilanders.

m. 1895 Ida Agnes Eleanor, dau of Sir George Stewart Forbes, 3rd Bt of Newe. 

    She was a Woman of the Bedchamber to Princess Christian. 

    By her he had 3 sons:

    1  William George, b.1896. Lieut. 2nd Bn. Coldstream Guards. 

        Killed in action in the Battle of the Somme, 15 Sept., 1916.

    2  Archibald Charles, 6th Bt., b.1898. (See below).

    3  Edward St John (for whom Edward VII stood proxy in person) b.1901. 

        Cmdr. R.N. Served in both World  Wars. m. 1936 Hon. Alicia Evelyn Browne,

        only dau. of  5th Baron Kilmaine, and had 1 son & 1 daughter. 


        Commander Edmonstone died in 1984. His wife Alicia died in 1992.

Sir Archibald, 5th Bt., died in April, 1954 and was succeeded by his eldest surviving son.

His wife, Ida, had died in 1949.


Sir Archibald Charles Edmonstone, 16th of Duntreath, 6th Bt., April-June, 1954. (b. 1898)

Educated Wellington & R.M.C., Lieut. 9th Lancers. Served in World War 1. 

A.D.C. to Marquess of Willingdon when Governor of Madras.

m. 1923 Gwendolyn Mary, dau. of Marshall Field II of Chicago. They had  2 sons  & 4 daughters.

She died in 1989.

    1  Archibald Bruce Charles, 7th Bt., b. 1934. (See below)

    2  Angus Ian Marchall, b. 1936, d. 1937.


Sir Archibald, 6th Bt., died June 1954 & was succeeded  by his eldest surviving son. 

His wife, Gwendolyn, died in 1989.


Sir Archibald Bruce Charles, 17th of Duntreath, 7th Bt., 1954 - (b. 1934)

Educated  at Stowe. 2nd Lieut. Scots Greys 1954-56.

m. 1stly, 1957 Jane, dau. of Major-General Colville (m.dis.1967). 

    They have 2 sons and 1 daughter. The sons are:

    (1) Archibald Edward Charles (Eddie), b. 1961,  

          m. 1988 Ursula, dau. of the late Mr B. Worthington (m. dis. 1994).

    (2) Nicholas William Mark, b. 1963, 

          m. 1stly, 1989 Mary Hall (m. dis. 1993). They have 1 daughter:

               -1 Emily Cari Mary, b.1990.

         m. 2ndly, 1994 Arabella Charlotte Johnsen, dau. of Mr R. Johnsen. 

               They have 1 son and 1 daughter.

               -1 Jack William Charles, b. 1996.

               -2 Isabella  May Xenia, b. 1995.

    Their daughter is:

    (1) Philippa Carolyn, b.1958, m. 1983 Peter Huntington, son of Major 

          V.W. Huntington (m.did. 1994). The have 1 son and 1 daughter.

               -1 Thomas William, b. 1988;

               -2 Louise Mary, b. 1986.

m. 2ndly, 1969, Juliet Elizabeth, dau. of Major-General Deakin,by whom he has 

    1 son and 1 daughter:

    (1) Dru Benjamin Marshall, b.1971. 

          m. 2004 Marie-Laurence Kauffmann

               They have 1 daughter.

               -1 Eloise Laurence, b. 2005

    (2) Elyssa Juliet, b. 1973,                

          m. 1999. H.I.R.H. Archduke Sigismund of Austria (von Habsburg),  

          Grand Duke of Tuscany.    

               They have 2 sons and 1 daughter.

               -1 Leopold Amedeo Peter Ferdinand Archibald Henri Joseph, b 2001

               -1 Tatyana Maria Theresia Laetitia Juliet, b. 2003;

               -1 Maximilian Stefano Sigismund William Bruce Erik Leopold, b. 2004;


* the first date given in these and all such cases is that of succession. in most cases the date of birth is unknown.

** This and other information on this page is taken directly from the 3rd Bt.'s account which he completed, with a few exceptions, in 1851. It is quite possible that Frederick Neil progressed further in his military career and also that he married

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