The history of the family of Edmonstone of Duntreath, written by Sir Archibald Edmonstone, 3rd, Bt., was finished in 1851. Afterwards he added the names of his brother's children. It was published privately in 1875, four years after his death, as a memorial to him. Sir Archibald was a scholar and his manuscript, although erudite, is in places difficult to follow, events and genealogy tending to become confused.

I have therefore attempted to simplify his work by placing it within two sections, the first containing the history, the second ancestral descent.

I have also brought it up to date.

The family trees of the descendants of four of the daughters of Sir William Edmonstone, 4th Bt., have been complied by :- Judge Adrian Head, Major Bruce Shand, and Mr. David Duncan to whom I extend grateful thanks. David Duncan, who has also drawn up the descent of the Baronets, has edited the manuscript, a painstaking task for which I am most truly grateful. I am also indebted to my brother, Sir Archibald Edmonstone and his wife Juliet and to my husband Sir Charles McGrigor, who have helped in so many ways.

Finally a special thank you to Mrs. Julie Henderson, of the Harlenquin Press in Oban, for all that she has done to prepare and publish my manuscript and to Roy Summers, photographer of The Oban Times.

Duntreath is a place of magic. I was fortunate enough to grow up there and I hope that succeeding generations of Edmonstones, and perhaps some others as well may find some interest in its history throughout the years.

Mary McGrigor, 

Upper Sonachan Dalmally Argyll.



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